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Cornell University (Ithaca, NY)

Barbara Lust, Professor

Resume: docx

Area: Developmental Psychology & Linguistics

Data: CLAL holdings: Child language acquisition data of more than 20 languages

Marianella Casasola, Associate Professor

Resume: pdf

Area: Developmental Psychology, language cognition interaction, childhood, methodology.

Data: Experimental, word early learning in monolingual and bilingual children (Spanish, Korean and English)

Qi Wang, Professor

Resume: pdf

Area: Developmental Psychology, cognitive development, cross-cultural studies

Data: Cross-cultural research on cognitive mechanisms in mono- and bilinguals (Chinese and English)

Claire Cardie, Associate Professor, Consultant

Resume: pdf html

Area: Computer Science

Data: Computational and natural language processing

James Gair, Prof Emeritus, Consultant

Resume: pdf

Area: South Asian Linguistics and Languages

Data: Cross-linguistic theory and typology

Pontificia Universidad Católica (Lima, Perú)

Maria Blume, Associate Professor

Resume: doc html

Area: Linguistics & first language acquisition

Data: Spanish first language acquisition and bilingualism

MIT (Cambridge, MA)

Suzanne Flynn, Professor

Resume: doc

Area: Linguistics & child and adult language acquisition

Data: Adult and child second language acquisition and third language acquisition, childhood bilingualism, Language impairments, dementia.

Boston College (Chestnut Hill, MA)

Claire Foley, Visiting Faculty

Resume: doc

Area: Linguistics, first and second language acquisition, child multilingualism

Data: French and English first language

Rutgers University (New Brunswick, NJ)

Liliana Sanchez, Professor

Resume: doc html

Area: Bilingualism and Second Language Acquisition Spanish and Quechua Syntax

Data: Spanish, Quechua and English

Rutgers University (Newark, NJ)

Jennifer Austin, Associate Professor

Resume: docx html

Area: Linguistics & childhood bilingualism

Data: Spanish-Basque child bilinguals

California State University (San Bernardino, CA)

Yu Chin Chien, Professor

Resume: doc

Area: Developmental Psychology, child first and second language acquisition

Data: Chinese and English first language. English second language

Southern Illinois University (Carbondale, IL)

Usha Lakshmanan, Professor

Resume: pdf html

Area: Child language acquisition (monolingual and bilingual) second language acquisition (child and adult) sentence processing

Data: Tamil as first language, English as second language